Fulton Theatre

Central Pennsylvania's premier regional theatre and National Historic Landmark combines Broadway caliber musicals, comedies and dramas with the grandeur of ornate Victorian architecture.

The Fulton first opened its doors in 1852. Almost 160 years later, this National Historic Landmark Theatre continues to entertain, educate and delight audiences, bringing live theatre, music, and more than 100,000 patrons into downtown Lancaster annually. Since its inception, some of the brightest stars of theatre, music and film have appeared on its stage, including Sarah Bernhardt, Mark Twain, Lionel Barrymore, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, W.C. Fields, George M. Cohan, Treat Williams and Lancaster's own Jonathan Groff.

Today, under the leadership of Artistic Director Marc Robin and Managing Director Aaron A. Young, the Fulton Theatre produces a mix of comedies, dramas and musicals, employing the talents of professional directors, designers, playwrights and actors from the local community, New York and across the country. The Fulton also features acting classes for children, teens and adults as well as outreach programs for at-risk youth, including Youtheatre, which received the prestigious Coming Up Taller Award at a 2008 White House presentation.

Educational Programs:

The Fulton's education and outreach programs for people of all ages are designed to foster thought and sensitivity; evoke wonder and delight; ignite an imaginative spark; and, above all, celebrate the human spirit. These programs include programs such as the Acadamy of Theater and  Youtheater which geared to children and teens, respectively. Learn more ...

Visitor Information
10 AM – 5PM M-F, and 2 hours before performances
Prices start at $20
Starting at $20