Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions for your reference.




Q: What are First Fridays?
First Fridays are a celebration of the arts in Downtown Lancaster. They are held the first Friday of every month from 5-9 pm. First Fridays are a great time to experience new exhibitions, live music, theatrical performances and artist receptions.

Q: Is there a fee to attend First Friday?
A: No, there is no fee to attend First Fridays in Lancaster. Most venues are open free of charge. Depending on the location there may be a fee for tickets to a performance. Both the Demuth Museum and Lancaster Museum of Art suggest a donation in lieu of an entrance fee.

Q: How can I display my artwork on First Friday?
A: Contact or visit art galleries and other retail locations in the City of Lancaster to find a venue that is suitable for your work. Make arrangements directly with the venue's owner or manager. View a list of art galleries and studios here. The Lancaster Art Market is another alternative to consider and was created for artisans who do not have their own gallery space or representation. Note that all participants are required to have a PA sales tax ID. For more information on becoming a vendor, click here.

Q: May I set up on the sidewalks to sell my merchandise - perishable or non-perishable?
A: First Fridays in Lancaster are arts-focused and the signature events of LancasterARTS.  The city's numerous arts venues stay open late and offer special hospitality.  The event is not a street fair, and all city streets remain open to vehicular traffic.  We do not solicit vendors of any type for this event because sidewalk vending is not permitted according to city ordinance.  Additionally, all food sampling and food vending (indoor and outdoor) is controlled and requires advance inspection by the city's health officers and a permit.  As an alternative, visit the various galleries and boutiques in the city to find a venue appropriate for your products.

Q: How many arts venues are in Lancaster City?
A: There are 125+ arts organizations, galleries, studios, museums, theaters, orchestras, ensembles, performance venues, poetry sites, public art installations and more.

Q: What businesses are open on Sundays in the City of Lancaster?
A: On Sunday, both art museums and a variety of shops and restaurants are open, including:

Q: I am a musician and would like to perform in Lancaster during First Friday.  What should I do?
A: You may contact any of the galleries, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and other venues in the City of Lancaster directly to make inquiries. Please peruse our website to identify venues suitable for you. Or, better yet, visit some of the venues in person. To perform outside, check the permit section of the Mayor's Office of Special Events website.  Permits are required for public spaces and amplified music.  Permits should be obtained at least two weeks in advance.  Panhandling is not allowed. 

Q: I am a performer or in a performance group that is interested in organizing a concert in Lancaster. What are some possible contacts and venues we could investigate?
A: There are a number of options for you in the City of Lancaster...
Organizations that engage musicians for various events include: Mayor's Office of Special EventsThe Ware Center at Millersville University- LancasterSeries 42, and Music for Everyone.

Indoor venue possibilities include: The Ware Center at Millersville University- Lancaster, Mulberry Art Studios, Theater of the Seventh Sister/Stahr Performing Arts Center, and Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.  Many local churches offer a full season of concerts/performances.

Outdoor venues: Contact the Mayor's Office of Special Events. They can provide information on locations and the permit process. Note that amplified music requires a permit and panhandling is not allowed.  View permit information here.

Q: I am a business/individual seeking to connect with local artists or performers. How can I do this?
A: Use the LancasterARTS Call for Artists form to submit details about your needs. We will post your information on our Call for Artists page

Q: I am interested in arranging an art exhibition or procuring artwork for my business location.  How can LancasterARTS assist me?
Please submit a Call for Artists form to describe your needs, and we will post the information on the website. In addition, you may send a write up of what you are looking for to, and we can forward this along to our arts community e-mail distribution list.  LancasterARTS does not curate exhibitions.

Q: I have acquired artwork that I am interested in selling. How can I do this?
A: LancasterARTS does not sell or appraise artwork. We suggest contacting any of the following as a starting point:
Lancaster Galleries - in business for over 25 years, (717) 397-5552.
The Demuth Museum - annual art auction in November with proceeds shared between the artwork owner and the museum. For details, contact the museum staff at (717) 299-9940.
The Boltz Auction Company - Karl Boltz, auctioneer, (717) 392-4257
Various organizations hold art auctions as fundraisers.

Q: I am looking for a job in the arts field and would like information on opportunities in Lancaster.
A: Check the Lancaster Online website to peruse job opportunities that may suit you. For networking ideas, see the various organizations listed under our Community Resources page  or Arts Associations page.

Q: I would like my event to be featured on your website. What should I do?
A: List your organization's event in the Events Calendar on the LancasterARTS website. Click on the Submit an Event button in the upper right. Complete the form that pops open (be sure to include the event hours in the description box). Then click submit. You will receive an e-mail when your event is approved. With this one submission your calendar listing will appear on four websites:,, and  This calendar is for events held in the City of Lancaster or Lancaster County.

Q: I would like my event to appear in the Downtown Difference e-zine. What should I do?
A: We primarily use the Events Calendar from our website to select arts events appropriate to list in the e-zine. See the question above for information on how to add your event to the calendar.  We cannot list every event that occurs, so we provide links to the calendar of events in the e-zine.

Q: I want to promote my event in South Central PA.  What steps do you suggest?
A: Contact the local media by sending a press release to Lancaster newspapers, WGAL and other newspapers, TV stations and radio stations in the area. List your event on various calendars of events, including the Events Calendar, WITF's RSVPa, WXPN, and Calendar of Events. These options are just a start. Contact other news organizations and calendars in the region to maximize awareness. 

Q: How can I receive updates on the arts in Lancaster?
A: We send out a weekly e-newsletter that provides a sampling of events within Lancaster for that week. To sign up for this e-mail, click here. Fill in your email address in the box at the bottom right of the page. Also, check the Calendar of Events page frequently for updates.

Q: How can I have my gallery/studio or arts organization listed on your website?
A: If your organization is located within the City of Lancaster, send an e-mail with the business name, weblink, description, address and phone number. We can add the information as a basic listing on our website under the appropriate category. If you would like a full page on the website, see the question below for more information. You are also welcome to add any events your organization is hosting on the Events Calendar.

Q: What is required to have a full page on your website?
A: To have a full page on our website, sign up as a featured partner and pay the annual fee. To receive more information on this opportunity, please contact us at

Q: My business would like to advertise on First Friday. How can I do this?
A: Please contact for sponsorship information.

Q: What sponsorship opportunities are available with LancasterARTS?
A: There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities with LancasterARTS. Please contact